Boo, Forever


Although I get many requests to use my father’s work, it’s not often that I am surprised–but when my agent emailed a request from the production of the Netflix show Hemlock Grove, which is a gothic-horror kind genre. They want to permission to use the poem “Boo, Forever,” in an episode. It is gloomy, rainy day in Northern California, I am smiling. A new audience who has never heard of Richard Brautigan will hear one of his poems read out loud. “Ah, the 21-Century,” my father might have said. Back in the 1960’s, he foresaw this magical conflation between computers and the future in his poem, “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.” This site is a place to find out a little about Richard Brautigan. It will not include every fact about him, and at present is far from perfect, but it is a start of something interesting. This blog will be written by a variety of people famous and not, but they will all have something in common–an interest in Richard Brautigan’s work.

– Ianthe Brautigan Swensen